Case Study - Global search engine firm, Kuala Lumpur

Project data

  • Customer
  • Confidential
  • Value
  • Confidential
  • Area
  • 9,800 sq ft
  • Form of contract
  • Main Contractor
  • Programme duration
  • 11 weeks
  • Completion date
  • July 2013
  • Project Manager
  • CBRE
  • M&E Engineer
  • Nova Consult


Completed in July 2013, this office is truly different from the conventional. Spanning 3/4 of a floor within Axiata Tower, this office has been all about stretching and even breaking traditional conventions in creating a workplace that is truly diverse and befitting of the client’s work ethic.


The project

The 9,800 sq ft office comprises reception, café, food preparation areas, multipurpose rooms, games rooms, an array of meeting spaces and general office.

Depicting a variety of landscapes found in Malaysia, the rooms are designed with nautical, rainforest and cave themes, requiring intricate detailing that brought about buildability challenges such as modifying the back of a school bus to house vending machines, modifying half a local car to provide a break out space, introduction of hydroponic walls to create a rainfores theme, replicating the roof of a cave within a meeting room and the use of rainforest timbers to house sliding door control gear.

In addition, the core function of this IT-centric client needed to be met and this involved the delivery of a highly resilient and redundant server room within the facility.

Critical to the successful delivery of this particular project was a central work ethic of collaboration and inquisitive research into buildability, interface management and logistical planning.

To meet this challenge head on, ISG provided a full time site management team of 6 managers on this project to successfully deliver the fit out solution in a fast track 11 weeks.


As an additional challenge, this project was delivered to the Spirit of LEED and from a Main Contractor’s perspective, ISG was also responsible for establishing and implementation of a waste management plan and indoor air quality initiatives during pre and post construction, regional sourcing and documentation of materials, and use of low VOC materials.

Launched in August 2013, this office is now setting the standard in Malaysia and beyond, for alternative workplace environment and in attracting a highly capable workforce and media interest alike.