ISG elevates the Suria KLCC shopping experience

18 April 2018 

KLCC lift news 1 - ISG

Suria KLCC is known as the iconic premiere shopping destination for anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur. Over the past two decades, the retail property, which houses more than 300 tenants, has been running its centre with only two centre-court lifts.

Embarking on the project in November 2016, ISG in Malaysia successfully delivered this project, which comprised of stripping out the existing lift cars and associated infrastructure, extensive structural augmentation, and the installation of new improved lift specifications – all within the live confines of an extremely busy shopping mall.

 KLCC lift news 2 - ISG

While the new lift installation comes across as architecturally striking, the project also required highly co-ordinated technical works to be carried out.

Working alongside the novated lift subcontractor, Antah Schindler, the works included the decommissioning and removal of existing lifts and their associated infrastructure, significant structural trimming and adaptation works, as well as the installation of an entirely new six-storey steel structure to accommodate the new lift cars and mechanisms.

Three new glass lift cars with increased maximum capacity were installed, and lift speeds were improved to 1.5m/s.

 KLCC lift news 3 - ISG

Understanding the mall’s need for an uninterrupted business, it remained fully operational, with the ISG team working daily from midnight until 06:00.

To further preserve the business-as-usual environment, a seven-storey hoarding was erected housing a display screen measuring 8m high – one of Malaysia’s largest – which was used to run promotional advertising by signature tenants.

With the significant number of structural works, demolitions, hot works and general working at height that needed to be carried out, the health and safety risks on this project were far from minimal.

These risks were ultimately mitigated through the preparation of detailed method statements and full-time attendance of a dedicated health and safety officer.

ISG delivered the project in December 2017, without any lost-time or other adverse safety incidents.