ISG provides value for money says ISG's customer from Datacom

 24 September 2018

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Fit out and construction services company, ISG, has recently completed a stunning office fit out in Kuala Lumpur for Datacom Malaysia - one of Asia Pacific's leading IT-based service providers offering intelligent technology solutions.

This project marks the second commission where The Instant Group in Kuala Lumpur has appointed ISG as contractor to carry out design and build for a managed office facility. The Instant Group is a workspace innovation company that provides over 6,000 global workspace solutions annually.

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The project was completed in July, which saw ISG’s end-to-end project delivery for the 13,500 sq ft office space - delivered over a fast-track, nine-week programme.

Committed to providing an unbeatable customer experience before, during and after project delivery, ISG launched its customer experience (CX) comprehensive programme of mid- and post-completion reviews with customers and consultants - as part of the company’s continuous improvement commitment.

A recent post-completion CX survey was conducted with the customer from Datacom, chief operating officer, Andrew Goodwin.

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ISG was awarded with a perfect Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 10 for the question: 'On a scale of zero to ten, zero being not at all likely, and ten being extremely likely, how likely are you to recommend ISG?'

Andrew commented, “I find that ISG is caring as a contractor, placing emphasis on the needs of the end user.”

“The team is focused on providing the best quality work with an ability to think ahead from an end user’s perspective.”

Situated in 1 Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, the office is the manifestation of a collaborative and community-focused work environment comprising 150 workstations, seven meeting and discussion rooms, and 11 focus pods, as well as five recreational spaces comprising break-out, pantry, and rest and recuperation (R&R) areas.

While initially perceiving ISG’s costing as part of an overall solution to be on the high side, Andrew debunked the belief upon seeing the outcome of the project: “With all that has been achieved, particularly in terms of quality and service, the perception I have now is that I have received value for money.”

“The final outcome of the project is a space that everyone is proud of. Everyone has commented how wonderful the office is – it is understated, but has a feel of quality.”

Watch the interview with the customer below: